Diploma Programme (DP)

General Information about the DP

  • Started in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Internationally recognized curriculum
  • Currently 2,437 schools in over 140 countries
    • SRHS is the 850th school to add the Diploma Programme (1994)
  • Two- Year Course of Study
  • Six Subject Areas and the Core
  • Internally and Externally Assessed
  • Utilizes International Standards

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year program beginning in the junior year. SRHS offers three higher level (HL) courses and five standard level (SL) courses. Students must complete three HL courses over the two year period. What is the difference between the HL courses and the SL courses? HL courses are two year college-level study courses; SL courses are one year college-level courses. Students are required to study six specific subject areas: English Literature, Language Acquisition (Foreign Language), Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Science, Math, and an Elective (chemistry, anthropology, or art). In addition students are required to take Theory of Knowledge (TOK); write an independent research essay (the Extended Essay) and complete 150 hours of Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) requirements—the CORE.

SRHS offers the following courses

  • IB Biology (HL)
  • IB English Literature (HL)
  • IB History (HL)
  • Spanish (SL)
  • Math (SL)

IB Electives

  • Chemistry (SL)
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (SL)
  • Visual Arts (SL)

In each class, students have one or more IB required projects, essays, labs, or other assignments. Criteria for these and their deadlines are determined by the IB program, so they cannot be changed.

IB Testing

At the end of JUNIOR YEAR, students are tested in Math Studies (SL), Social and Cultural Anthropology (SL), and Chemistry (SL).

At the end of SENIOR YEAR, students are tested in Biology (HL), English Literature (HL), History (HL), Language Acquisition (SL), Math (SL), and the Arts or elective.

Band, Choir, NJROTC

Band, Choir, and NJROTC students make up most of our DP student population. There is room in each student's schedule to participate in any one of these three programs. Band, Choir, and NJROTC are NOT required classes for SRHS pre-IB/AP or for the Diploma Programme (DP).