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Sebastian River High School has been an International Baccalaureate (IB) school since 1994 when the school opened. On this website you will find links to different parts of our IB program including the Diploma Programme (DP) and the pre-IB/AP program. The DP is a two-year program beginning in junior year. The pre-IB/AP program is also a two-year program beginning in freshmen year, but it is possible to enter the pre-IB/AP program as a sophomore. Detailed information about both programs can be found on the menu on the left side of the page. If you have
any questions or comments, please contact Mr. Jaime Sturgeon, IB Coordinator, at 772-564-4369 or by email at Jaime.sturgeon@indianriverschools.org.

You can find excellent information by visiting the IB site at http://www.ibo.org -> middle of page under Students and Parents -> click on IB Diploma Programme icon.

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Congratulations to SRHS Students!

 Over the 2019 summer, four SRHS students, along with Melissa Sleeper (science teacher at Gifford Middle), attended a 2-day workshop “Mission Patch” at Kennedy Space Center. These students, along with astronaut, Mike Foreman, designed an experiment that was selected as a FINALIST to fly on the International Space Station (ISS) next Spring!!!

SRHS Students Finalist at Mission Patch

The four students are: Briony (9th grade pre-IB; front row wearing camo pants); Dylan (10th grade pre-IB; back row standing under the word “delivered”), Genevieve (9th grade Honors standing in front of Dylan with the striped shirt), and Justin (10th grade pre-IB; back row with the aqua colored shirt).

2019 Brian Green IB Scholarship Recipient

2019 scholarship winner

The 2019 Brian Green IB Scholarship recipient is Blake Massie. Blake will attend the University of Central Florida. Pictured from left to right: Mr. Valencia (IB Guidance Counselor), Mrs. Olson (former IB Coordinator), Blake Massie, Mrs. Green (Brian’s mother), Mrs. Lovelace (former IB Coordinator).

2017-2018 National Merit Scholarship Recipient

national merit scholarship
Matt with Principal Racine and Ms. Maloney

Matt Maloney was one of 34 students in Florida to receive this honor. He has been accepted to the University of Florida to major in civil engineering. His favorite subject at Sebastian River High School (SRHS) is math, where he is a member of the math competition team, and his community service includes being president of "It's in the Bag," a student led and operated initiative, which provides meals to more than 400 students in our school district each week. When Matt isn't working hard on his scholarly duties, he enjoys fishing.

2018 Florida Regional JSEHS Stem Research Competition

srhs student extended essay

Katelyn Wahl, an IB Senior, has been selected for the prestigious 2018 Florida Regional JSEHS STEM Research Competition. Katelyn was 1 of 24 students selected to present her research and answer questions from expert judges based on her IB Extended Essay in the field of Biology entitled: The Anti-diabetic Potential of Indian Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants: A Comparative Analysis of α-Amylase Inhibitory Activity.

Extended Essay

IB in the Community

IB schools Working Together

SRHS Diploma Students helped Liberty Magnet 2nd graders with their science assessment.

International Beach Cleanup

International Beach Cleanup 

IB students from SRHS, SRMS, and Liberty Magnet helped cleanup Treasure Shores Beach on Saturday, October 7th.


volunteer efforts Lesley

Volunteer Recognized for Efforts

Lesley Hernandez, President of the Sebastian River High School Red Kettle Club, was recognized by the Salvation Army for her volunteer efforts. Lesley established the first Red Kettle Club in the state of Florida as her CAS Project.


lms ib 2nd grade

Liberty Magnet IB School  "Coming to America"
2nd grade Planner Summative Assessment 

Planned and facilitated 5 stations for 2nd graders as part of their Ellis Island experience.