Testing Information

Testing Information

Please see the attached Spring 2022 Florida State Assessment for Important Updates for Promotion and Graduation.

Testing Information for Winter/Spring 2023  

Testing at SRHS will occur during the following specific dates. Please note that the State of Florida requires students in 11th and 12th grade to earn a passing score on the FSA ELA Reading assessment as well as the Algebra I (or Geometry) EOC. For Students in 9th and 10th grade, the same requirement for Algebra I (or Geometry) EOC applies, as well as passing the 10th grade FAST ELA  Reading Assessment. SAT and ACT performance can earn students a concordant score in Math and/or Reading for graduation. Please note that testing begins at approximately 8 a.m. each scheduled day.  


Feb. 22: Writing portion of FSA English/Reading re-takes (11th and 12th graders)  

Feb. 23 & 24: Reading portion of FSA English/Reading re-takes (two-day test)  

March 1: SAT School Day, free for all Juniors; available to Seniors for a fee  

March 7: ACT School Day Non-Reportable for Seniors who need testing graduation requirement  

March 8 & 9: Algebra 1 re-takes (two-day test)  

April 4: FAST Writing field test for 9th grade students 

April  25: SAT School Day Non-Reportable for Seniors who need testing graduation requirement (free) 

April 27: Florida Civics Literacy Exam for Seniors enrolled in US Government class or Dual Enrollment. 

May 2-5: FAST ELA Reading test for 9th and 10th grade students (1 day test) 

May 8-10: Algebra 1 & Geometry EOC (1 day test) 

May 11: US History (11th grade) & Biology 1 (9th and 10th grade) EOC 

May 12-31: Makeups for FAST, Algebra 1, Geometry, US History, Biology 1 state tests  


SAT and ACT tests are administered on Saturdays and students must register for those online through those testing programs. Your student’s counselor or Mrs. Frances Walker, the graduation coach, can assist in accessing registration information and deadlines. Please note that registration deadlines are typically one month prior to the test date. You can also click on the links below.  

SAT: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat  

ACT: https://act.org 

Superintendent Dr. Moore's Message to Parents About Testing