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Updated 5/9/19


Due to errors made by our publishing company, yearbook distribution is delayed. We are incredibly disappointed by this delay, and we are deeply sorry for the impact on our students.

We understand and share in your frustration with this situation. Please know that the information we are sharing today is all that we know. Our administration, office, and yearbook staff do not have any additional information.

While this news is disappointing, we are still excited to share our 25th Year “Silver Edition” Legacy Yearbook. Yearbooks preserve high school memories over a lifetime. We believe this yearbook will be cherished by our students for years to come.

When will the yearbooks be distributed?

Unfortunately, we do not have a distribution date at this time. We are communicating with the publisher multiple times per day in an attempt to both expedite delivery and confirm a delivery date. We have repeatedly made our publisher aware of our school schedule and how this delay is affecting our student body. As soon as we have a confirmed delivery date, we will send out updates via our social media accounts.

How did this happen?

This delay is 100% due to mistakes made by our publishing company who is a third-party vendor. There was nothing that our yearbook staff could have done to prevent this delay. We do not have the specifics on all the errors that were made by the publishing company, but the yearbook staff has emails confirming that our books would arrive on-time. We were not made aware that our yearbook would be late until the day before it was supposed to be delivered, which was this past Friday. Since the yearbook staff learned of the delay, we have made numerous phone calls and sent multiple emails to find out what happened and how to expedite our delivery

Why are we releasing this information so late?

Yearbook distribution was supposed to happen starting this past Tuesday, May 7th. This was a last-minute delay. Again, the yearbook staff has emails from our publishing rep who said that our delivery would be on-time. There was no indication from our publishing company that there would be any type of delay. When we learned about the delay, we immediately began to push our publisher for a delivery date. We had hoped that this would be a minor delay of one or two days; however, after several days of communicating with our publisher, they have been unable to provide us with a firm delivery date. It was our hope that by waiting a few days to announce a delay, we would have been able to provide information about distribution dates.

Will I still get my yearbook?

Everyone who pre-ordered a yearbook will receive their yearbook.

Can I still buy a yearbook if I didn’t pre-order?

Yes. We order a set quantity of yearbooks each year based on our sales projections using information from the past several years. Even though you are not able to pick up your yearbook at the time of purchase, we recommend that you order as soon as possible. Last year, we had few yearbooks left over. Most of the books that we left from last year have minor production flaws. Yearbooks are $90 and can be purchased via cash or check in room L101.

What is going to be done to make up for these issues?

We are working on several different plans for distribution as well as some extras to offer students. Our plans will be based on our delivery timeline; therefore, we do not have specific details to share today.

Can I get a refund?

No. Yearbooks are meant to be a keepsake for a lifetime. While this delay is frustrating, everyone who ordered a book will receive their book.