Students Experiment Selected as a Finalist

Student Experiment Selected as Finalist to Fly on the ISS
Posted on 09/11/2019
SRHS Students at Mission PatchOver the 2019 summer, four SRHS students, along with Melissa Sleeper (science teacher at Gifford Middle), attended a 2-day workshop “Mission Patch” at Kennedy Space Center.  These students, along with astronaut, Mike Foreman, designed an experiment that was selected as a FINALIST to fly on the International Space Station (ISS) next Spring!!! 

The four students are: Briony (9th grade pre-IB; front row wearing camo pants); Dylan  (10th grade pre-IB; back row standing under the word “delivered”), Genevieve  (9th grade Honors standing in front of Dylan with the striped shirt), and Justin (10th grade pre-IB; back row with the aqua colored shirt).