Exceptional Student Education

Special programs are available to meet the needs and abilities of the exceptional student staffed into one of the following programs: Emotionally Handicapped (EH), Educable Mentally Handicapped (EMH), Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), and Gifted Education.

Any student who has been identified as Gifted in SDIRC qualifies to take gifted class offerings. Teachers of gifted classes teach the academic curriculum of the state honors classes with the recognition of individual student differences and an emphasis on critical thinking skills and creative projects.

Graduation Options for Exceptional Students - For the graduation requirements of the various special diploma options for exceptional education students, please check with the Guidance Department or with the ESE Resource Specialist.

Standard Diploma - A standard diploma will be issued to ESE students who meet the credit requirement, have mastered the State Student Performance Standards, and pass the FCAT.

Special Diploma - A special diploma may be issued to students who meet the standards established by the Florida Department of Education for Exceptional Student Education. Diplomas will be awarded according to the requirements of their specific ESE program. Special Diplomas are issued to students in the following programs: Educable Mentally Disabled, Trainable Mentally Handicapped, Hearing Impaired, Physically Impaired, Specific Learning Disabled, Emotionally Handicapped, Language Impaired, Profoundly Handicapped (includes Profoundly Mentally Handicapped, Autistic, Dual Sensory Impaired, and Severely Emotionally Disturbed).

For further details on Special Diploma Option 1, Special Diploma Option 2, and the requirements for a High School Special Certificate of Completion, please check with the Guidance Department or the ESE Resource Specialist, Danna Norman at 772-564-6056.