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2020-2021 Instructional Model Information

As we approach the end of the 1st quarter on Friday, Oct. 9, any student taking Edgenuity virtual courses will receive a 9 weeks grade per the district policy. This grade will be based on grades earned as compared to the target pace through Oct. 9 set by Edgenuity. Please note, however, that Edgenuity courses are designed on a semester schedule. Because of this, the “Actual Grade” in Edgenuity is cumulative from the beginning of the course all the way through to the end unlike traditional brick-and-mortar courses that are graded within a set 9-week period.

What does this mean to you and your student?  First, it is important to understand that 9-week grades do not appear on transcripts or calculated into a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). Only Semester grades appear on transcripts and determine a student’s GPA.  Second, your student’s Semester grade in their Edgenuity course(s) will be determined by their grade in the course on Dec. 18, 2020. Ultimately, this means that if a student is well behind on their course pace on Oct. 9 and receives a poor grade in a course for the first quarter they can still catch up by Dec. 18 and earn a high grade for the semester.  A poor, or lower than expected grade, by Oct. 9 will not negatively impact a student’s GPA or semester grade as long as they are able to recover by Dec. 18, 2020.

However, please note that if a student returns to brick-and-mortar, Option 1, prior to the end of the semester their first quarter grade from Edgenuity put in FOCUS on Oct. 9 will act as a transfer grade for the quarter and will factor evenly with their second quarter grade in determining their semester grade. For an example, if a student returns to brick-and-mortar (Option 1) school with a failing grade in an Edgenuity course, the best semester grade they can earn for that course would be a C – if they earn an A for second quarter.

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